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Richard Marx - Hazard

This backing track of the early 90's hit from Richard Marx is one of the closest recreations we have done. The package includes both a full stereo mix and of course a mix without drums and bass with the click track on the left channel. This arrangement keeps the sequenced acoustic guitar riff in the chorus as in the original. Add your own drums, bass and acoustic lead over the top.

Artist: Richard Marx
Title: Hazard
BPM: 125
Length: 4:49
Description: 2 files included the package: Complete instrumental backing (no acoustic guitar lead) and instrumental backing without drums and bass, click track on left channel.
Package Includes: 1) Stereo Mix 2) Split mix
Format: MP3 320kbs

Preview: Richard Marx - Hazard (stereo mix)
Download preview (right click/save link as)

Price: $12 USD

Give your band the edge...

Sound just like the original and keep your audience wanting more !