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Icehouse - Great Southern Land

Are you in a cover band and want to play Great Southern Land by Icehouse ? In our professionally produced backing track we used emulations of the actual instruments used in the original recording for an autherntic sounding recreation.

Artist: Icehouse
Title: Great Southern Land
Key: A
BPM: 120
Length: 5:25
Description: 3 files are included in the package; Full stereo mix including drums, bass, keys and percussion. Full stereo mix as previous but no bass. Split mix containing click track on left and keys only on right (includes woodblock). Intro is 8 bars long.
Package Includes: 1) Stereo Mix, 2) Stereo Mix/no bass, 3) Split Mix
Format: MP3 320kbs

Preview: Icehouse - Great Southern Land (stereo mix)
Download preview (right click/save link as)

Price: $24 USD

Give your band the edge...

Sound just like the original and keep your audience wanting more !