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How to use backing tracks

Backing tracks used in a live situation are usually controlled by the drummer as the drummer is the one who will hear the click track.

The backing tracks can be played from any device that is capable of playing an MP3 and has an audio output, often this is an iPhone/iPod/laptop or other portable MP3 player.

You will need to fabricate a custom cable that splits the audio signal to left and right. The right channel output will go to the sound desk for mixing with the rest of the band while the left channel will go to the headphones of the drummer.

If you are not good at electronics or don't want the hassle of fabricating a cable yourself it is possible to purchase a cable and an adaptor that will do the job for you.

This cable plus this adaptor will do the job for you. Simply plug the breakout cable into your playout device and take the right channel output to your sound desk; put the adaptor on the left channel and plug your headphones into this.

On stage, the drummer will select and start the backing track, they will hear a 2 bar count in before the track starts; after the first bar the drummer will be able to give the rest of the band a 1 bar count in .

Example Setup

how to use backing tracks

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