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Europe - The Final Countdown

Are you in a cover band and want to play The Final Countdown by Europe but don't have a keyboard player ? We went all out on this one to recreate this classic track as authentically as possible using the same hardware synths as in the original... a Roland JX8P analogue synth and a Yamaha DX7.

Artist: Europe
Title: The Final Countdown
BPM: 118
Length: 5:06
Description: 2 files are included in the package; Full stereo mix. Split mix containing click track on left and synths on right. 1 bar count in to were drum fill intro starts.
Package Includes: 1) Stereo Mix, 2) Split Mix
Format: MP3 320kbs

Preview: Europe - The Final Countdown (stereo mix)
Download preview (right click/save link as)

Price: $12 USD

Give your band the edge...

Sound just like the original and keep your audience wanting more !